Our Department

Brief description of the Department's activities


The scientific work of the Department of Hot Matter Physics is focused on investigating the properties of matter both of which filled the Universe in the first fractions of its existence as well as in its nucleus. Research directions to which we welcome graduate students and doctoral students:

Ultrarelativistic collisions of heavy ions: quark-gluon plasma test. Experiments BRAHMS, NA61 / SHINE, CBM
Multifragmentation, liquid-gas phase transition, isospin effect (CHIMERA experiment)
Energy symmetry study of nuclear equation (ASY-EOS project)
Synthesis of super- and hyper-heavy nuclear nuclei (reference to be given soon)
Innovative methods for detecting radioactive solids-induced heavy-ion reaction products (reference to be made soon).
Construction of unique electronics front-end (we will give a link soon)
More details about these studies, including topics of undergraduate and graduate work, can be found in the tab For students. We invite you to continue reading about our Department.

NA61/SHINE: more precision for neutrino beams